Maratón Pohronským Inovcom is a winter mountain marathon run and also a long distance march in Slovakia, which takes place on 4. December 2021. The event is organized by the o.z. Turistický klub Filozof.



The event is open for all runners and hikers with minimal age of 18 years, who would like to try the course in Pohronský Inovec mountains with total distance of 42 km. The limit for number of participants is set to 160 (plus category Marathon with a dog).

Participants take part in the Maratón Pohronským Inovcom event at their own risk. The organizers take no responsibility for the possible harm or damage should any happen to the participants or should be any caused by them.

Before the start we require all participants to sign "Participant's declaration", which can be downloaded HERE.

We strongly recommend to the participants to complete an individual medical examination before the Maratón Pohronským Inovcom event, particularly in the case that I overcome infectious disease (angina, flu etc.) for the period of last six to eight weeks before the start of the Maratón Pohronským Inovcom 2021 event.


  • Men

  • Women

  • Marathon with a dog - men

  • Marathon with a dog - women


You can register for the event until (date will be added later). Registration at the start place in Nová Baňa is not possible.

Please use this registration form.


The list of enrolled participants can be found here.

Minimal age of the participant:

The participation is possible only for persons with age of 18 years at least 1 day before the date of the start. A person with age 15-17 yeras can participate only in case his/her parent/legal representative will be present at the presentation place, where an written approval of participation of an underage person in Maratón Pohronským Inovcom will be signed and subsequently confirmed with organizer’s signature.

Start fee and payment:

1. The start fee for Maratón Pohronským Inovcom is 15 EUR for one participant.

2. After the filled-out enrollment form has been submitted, you will receive the information about start fee payment. Therefore is necessary, that your e-mail address provided in the enrollment form will be correct.
3. The start fee payment must be done as bank transfer to the Maratón Pohronským Inovcom bank account in EUR currency and within the time limit for start fee payment. Cash payments and payments in other currency are not accepted.

4. The time limit for start fee payment is 7 working days since the date when e-mail containing the registration number and the information about start fee payment has been sent to you (not since the date you have opened the e-mail).

5. In case the start fee payment will be not received within the given date, the registration will be cancelled.

6. The start fee can not be transferred to another participant (start fee can not be sold to another person, start fee can not be bought from an enrolled participant). In case of disobedience to this rule the person will loose the possibility to participate in Maratón Pohronským Inovcom.

Participation cancellation:

1. The information about your participation cancellation must be announced via e-mail sent to maratoninovcom@gmail.com (participation cancellation announced verbally or via phone call or via social network is not accepted).

2. If the start fee was already payed, this will be returned to you excluding the cancellation fee of 5 € (cancellation fee will be subtracted from the start fee) only in case, that the information about participation cancellation was announced via e-mail sent to the address maratoninovcom@gmail.com before xx. November 2021 24.00 CET (bank account number information required).



Presence (check-in) takes place in the Sv. Alžbeta elementary school building in Nová Baňa (Školská street 15) between 07.30 and 08.45 CET.

You can leave your bags (e.g. with spare clothes and shoes) in the elementary school building during the presence (check-in).



  • Mobile phone (for safety reason)

  • Isothermic blanket

  • Own cup or tumbler

As optional equipment we recommend a headlamp, GPS or at least a hiking map of Pohronský Inovec mountains, camera (at least in mobile phone), trekking poles, bottle with beverage.



Time of collective start of the event in Nová Baňa is 09.00 CET. The start place is the same as presence (check-in) place.


  • Total distance: 42 km  

  • Total elevation gain: +1500 m   

  • Total elevation loss: -1500 m 

  • Course map: Link

  • GPX file: Link


The complete course with exception of the 1,5 km road passage between Obyce, Modoš and Osná dolina, horáreň follows the standard tourist marking.

Additional marking (red-white plastic ribbon) will be placed only in the final passage before Nová Baňa and in Nová Baňa town.



There will be an aid station on 18,5. km (Jaďová - approx. 100 meters right from the green tourist mark path). Tea and other beverages and food will be available for the participants (no hot meal). Refreshments will be available also at the secret live checkpoint.



Live checkpoint K1 will be placed at the aid station Jaďová (18,5. km, time limit 13:00 CET). On top of this there will be one self-control checkpoint at the tourist signpost Pod Malým Inovcom (punches, 31. km) and at least one secret live checkpoint (with refreshments).


Missing checkpoint results in disqualification (DSQ). GPX file (record from a GPS device) is not a replacement for a missing checkpoint.



The finish place is in the Sv. Alžbeta elementary school building in Nová Baňa (Školská street 15). The time limit for reaching the finish place is 18.00 CET (max. 9 hours since start).


Refreshments (soup) will be available for those participants, who did order the same in the registration form.

Showers will be available in the finish place for participants.


The link for results will be available here after the race.


In case of conditions with icy forest roads (the course conditions will be checked during the weekend and also during the week before race) we recommend to lightweight running crampons (micro spikes).

We have received information from local people about appearance of a brown bear close to Malý Inovec. Please increase your attention when running through this course passage.


If you would like to leave your car in Nová Baňa close to the start place, a limited number of parking places is close to the railway station (5-10 min. walking from start/finish place) and also close to the Sv. Alžbeta elementary school building. 


Please note, that the parking place close to the LIDL supermaket is not free of charge and parking time is limited there.



Please send us all your questions and messages regarding your participation in the race only via e-mail.